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How to Use a Rekenrek
  • How to Use a Rekenrek

    The rekenrek is everywhere at the moment – have you seen it but not sure what to do with it or do you just want to know more?


    The rekenrek is an effective visual mathematical tool and is a counting frame which enables children to develop number sense as well as supporting addition and subtraction strategies.


    In this 40 minute prerecorded hands-on session, we will explore its use to develop subitising and number sense. The training supports the development of additive fluency which is a cornerstone of developing mental fluency in addition leading to formal written methods.


    You will have the opportunity to consider how you might implement this in your own classroom/setting in conjunction with other manipulatives.


    This session will be appropriate for KS1 teachers and teaching assistants or staff working with lower attaining children in KS2.

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