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Think reading for pleasure, imaginative writing and super spelling.


Preparing for a Reading 'Deep Dive'
(Online Zoom)


Part 1: 25th Apr 2023 09:15-11:45

Part 2: 24th May 2023 09:15-11:45

Online (Zoom)

This course will support you in developing your subject specific ‘eye' so that you are better able to evaluate the effectiveness of reading in your primary school and improve provision in order to achieve a successful ‘deep dive’ in your next Ofsted Inspection.

£120 per delegate


Collecting Evidence to Achieve 'Expected' in Writing in Year 6
(Online Zoom)


5th Mar 2024 09:15-11:45

Online (Zoom)

This online course will provide you with a structured and supported approach to teaching the knowledge and skills that Year 6 children need to achieve the ‘Expected’ standard in writing at the end of KS2.

£60 per delegate


Developing a Whole School Approach to Handwriting
(Online Zoom)


20th September 2023 13:15-14:45

Online (Zoom)

This online course will support English Subject Leaders to develop a whole-school approach to the teaching of handwriting. The course will help teachers make informed decisions on handwriting styles, progression, timetables and resources. The training will support teachers to make links between handwriting, phonics and spelling.

£50 per delegate


Success in the 2024 Phonics Screening Check
(Online Zoom)


Part One: 29th Feb 2024 13:00-15:00

Part Two: 12th Mar 2024 13:00-15:00

Online (Zoom)

This online course will support you to develop an understanding of how to achieve success in the 2024 Phonics Screening Check from identifying and addressing gaps to the practicalities and common questions associated with administering the check.

£100 per delegate

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