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Early Years

Keep up-to-date with the requirements in EYFS including the new framework.



23rd January 2024 13:15-14:45

Online (Zoom)

Moving from Mark Making to Early Writing
(Online Zoom)

This online session empowers you to confidently guide children from mark making to meaningful writing. Explore practical strategies and engaging activities that boost children's confidence and enjoyment while fostering essential pre-writing abilities. Find inspiration for indoor and outdoor writing opportunities, elevating your practice and enriching this vital aspect of child development.

£50 per delegate



8th March 2024 09:30-12:00

Online (Zoom)

Preparing for an
EYFS Deep Dive

(Online Zoom)

This online course will support you in developing your subject specific ‘eye' so that you are better able to evaluate the effectiveness of EYFS within your setting.

£60 per delegate

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