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The faces behind TCR

And take a first look at our course venues too

The TCR team loves developing innovative resources, and delivering inspiring courses. They help teachers develop their skills everyday, but they’re a friendly bunch too. Take a look at the team below, and get in touch to hear more.

Meet the team


Rob Snaith

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25 years in education

Former Headteacher, Year 6 Teacher, and PE Subject Leader

Primary Education Consultant, author, and life-long sports enthusiast


Vanessa Brown

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Supporting schools for 19 years.

Primary Mathematics Consultant. Designs bespoke subject specific
training with a focus on professional development and school

A note from the founder

Because a personal touch is always nice

Hi, I’m Rob, and here’s TCR's story.

Teaching is an all-consuming job. But the main challenge for teachers isn’t the teaching itself, it’s time. Finding the right work/life balance isn’t easy, and there aren't enough hours in the day to effectively manage the workload.


And what’s worse? Training sessions. I’ve attended training in the past where you’re spoken at, not to. You return to school with a long to-do list, which isn’t helpful. And, unless actioned in the first 48 hours after training, the plan will fail to be implemented. Because teachers are busy, and the workload never ebbs.


That’s why I began to design courses. I knew that by giving teachers resources immediately after the training, they would walk away full of ideas and the means to inspire too. The resources do all the preparation work, so many can be used in the classroom the next day. Other resources act as a starting point, so they save a considerable amount of time in research and planning.


But I didn’t want to stop at courses. To make a teachers day-to-day a little easier, they need resources and educational products that are both accessible and time-saving. So if we do the planning, the whole class can enjoy inspiring lessons and activities, but the teacher can enjoy spending a little more time with the people who are important to them.


In short, TCR is a one-stop-shop for teachers. It’s about inspiring each child, improving our schools nationwide, and getting a little balance back into teachers' lives too.

Hope to see you at one of our courses soon,


Complete with a cup of tea and good company

The perfect retreat

We all learn more when we’re comfortable and relaxed. That’s why we choose our course venues carefully. Take Hawkesyard for example. It’s a beautiful 18th Century manor house, and it’s encircled in fields of green. Stepping out of the familiar school environment helps us to gain perspective, and it makes us more receptive to learning new things too. So why Hawkesyard? Well, it offers the perfect balance of escapism and comfort; it’s a tranquil haven, minus a sheep or two. But what makes it so great, is that it’s got great commuting links, but it’s tucked away too. And that allows us to relax and enjoy learning undisrupted.

It’s peaceful, and we all know that teachers appreciate a little peace from time to time. But let’s not forget we’re here to learn too. Each of our courses differ, but here’s a brief peek at what you have to look forward to:


Lesson ideas, innovative materials and teaching tips. so you can enjoy a little more time at home.


Share your knowledge at one of our courses, and you’ll take a room full of fresh ideas back to your school.


Join a network of teachers, get to know faces from other schools, and pick up ways to inspire your children.


Join one of courses, and you’ll gain  innovative ideas, and reassurance that you’re doing just fine.

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