Reading a Rainbow
  • Reading a Rainbow

    Encourage daily reading in your school or home, with our new photocopiable ‘Reading a Rainbow’ record sheets to promote reading enjoyment. These can take the place of or run alongside the daily reading diary in your school, with a book worm for each colour of the rainbow. Each child will start with a red sheet and when they read each day, the book worm is dated, signed and coloured in. Once a worm is complete (25 days), the child receives a button badge of that colour to wear at school (not provided) and they move on to the next colour of the rainbow. There are 25 days on each colour or you could use the alternative versions of 50 days (maybe for Bronze, Silver and Gold).


    The titles of books or texts that have been read are recorded on the spines of the books in order on the bookcase. The post-it notes sheets are for reading conversations and ideas, by the reader, the parent/carer or peer/friend who shares the book/comic/flier/newspaper/journal...anything goes! Hopefully this will go beyond the words, 'Well read'...


    Resources are available in colour or black and white as part of the pack.



    • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Bronze, Silver and Gold Bookworm sheets available in black and white and colour
    • Both available with 25 or 50 spaces for names and signatures
    • Bookcase sheet with 25 or 30 books in black and white and colour
    • Post-it notes x10 per page available in black and white
    • Post-it notes x10 per page available in mixed pastel shades
    • Post-it notes x10 per page available in yellow, blue or pink


    Sold and copyrighted to be used only by the purchasing school/home.