Progression in Teaching Multiplication in KS2
  • Progression in Teaching Multiplication in KS2

    TCR, in association with Vanessa Brown of Inspiring Maths Education, is delighted to release the first in a series of online Mathematics training courses.


    This 60 minute prerecorded course focuses on the ‘Progression in Teaching Multiplication in Key Stage Two’.


    Multiplication is so much more than just knowing your times tables. Although knowing multiplication facts is extremely beneficial; it is not the whole story.


    From times tables to formal written methods, the training will explore the key ideas behind multiplication; delving into concrete, pictorial and abstract representations, as well as the key laws of mathematics- what are they and why are they important?


    The training is suitable for Key Stage 2 teachers, teaching assistants and subject leaders looking to develop the progression of how multiplication is taught in KS2.