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1000 Things to Eat

1000 Things to Eat

​​​​​​​RRP £9.99


This beautifully illustrated reference book contains exactly 1000 things to eat, from raw ingredients to delicious dishes.


Children will enjoy poring over categories such as ‘Home baking’, ‘Breakfast’, ‘The fishmonger’ and ‘Festivals and celebrations’, finding food they eat every day as well as a variety of exciting foods from around the world.


Pre-readers will enjoy looking and pointing at the beautiful pictures, while older children can use the book as a starting point for discussion or research.


An excellent tool for improving vocabulary as each picture is labelled and there’s an index at the back of the book.


Author: Hannah Wood


Illustrator: Nikki Dyson


Publisher: Usborne


Format: Hardback


Number of pages: 32


Approximate size: 29cm by 24cm

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