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To inspire teachers


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Why we here

Make teaching, about teaching

And bring your classroom to life

Endlessly searching for resources isn’t fun. Lesson planning and topic research takes time too.

That’s where we come in. Our books and resources will take care of the preparation, so that you can concentrate on teaching. And when you need a little inspiration, jump onto one of our training sessions.

They’re a great way to step up your subject knowledge, and you’ll take the latest ideas and resources back to your school too. Take a look at our innovative resources, and browse our latest courses below.



Teaching is about learning. So let’s make it fun. Share ideas, be inspired, and return to your school with a range of resources.



Our books and journals promote the acquisition of vocabulary and
independence. They empower children in their own learning.



Our innovative resources, activities and planning save you time; they think outside the box, but stay in line with the National curriculum.

Giving teachers time and confidence

Because a little support goes a long way

We’re here to make teaching a little easier. And that starts with preparation. We’re the helping hands that speed up lesson planning, and our innovative resources cut down preparation time too. Because if we do the background work, you can focus on the classroom.

But learning shouldn’t stay inside schools. Develop your CPD, and keep your knowledge up to date, at one of our courses. Our sessions are bursting with topic ideas, and they’re designed to top-up your skills, and help you say hi to other teachers. It’s about sharing knowledge, and bringing teachers together. So join a community of teachers, and make being a teacher, about teaching.

Say hi to other teachers at our latest courses

Bringing schools together, sharing ideas, and innovating classrooms

Book a course today

History Curriculum Jun11.png
Online (Zoom) course

Developing an Effective Primary History Curriculum

Running an Effective School Council Sept 12.png

Running an Effective
School Council

Y1 & 2 Maths Sept 19.png
Online (Zoom) course

Getting to Grips with Mathematics in Years 1 & 2

Making it work for you

Twilight sessions and support packages, tailored to you

Maybe you’re returning to teaching after a break, and you need to get up to speed. Or perhaps your school needs to improve its performance fast. Whatever your story, teachers never stop learning. So keeping up to date, and developing skills is key. But finding the time to do so can be challenging.

We like being flexible, so if your staffing team needs training in specific subject areas, get in touch, and we’ll develop a bespoke course that meets your needs. We can focus on areas from your School Improvement Plan, or enhance subject knowledge. It’s whatever works for you. Our Twilight Sessions and Support Packages are designed to work around your schedule; get in touch to see how we can help, and choose a time and session that suits you.


Twilight Sessions


Support Packages

Books to inspire

Books and Journals written by teachers, and loved by children.


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